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using swiss pass from Milano Central station to Switzerland

I bought  swiss pass in Bangkok,Thailand. I will use it to travel from Zermatt to Milan one day and from Milan to Lugano (two ways) one day. I think I have to pay extra from Brig to Milan (Zermatt route) and Chiasso to Milan (Lugano route). My questions are :


1. Can I show Swiss pass and pay extra at the station? 

2. If I want to buy online tickets ie from Brig to Milan, do I need to change the platform or re-enter by going out at Brig station (when using swiss pass) and enter again with new normal ticket from Brig to Milan. Same questions as Chiasso to Milan.

3. Is there buying ticket counter of SBB at Milano Central station? Where it is?

4. For using in Swiss, do I need to validate the ticket? My ticket is printed version bought from travel agent in Bangkok

5. Any suggestion? Please


Thank you for your answers. Nonetheless, if I want to use Swiss pass from

Zermatt to Milan : I can buy ticket from Brig to Milano centrale at Zermatt station,right? 

At Brig station : I need to walk from platform 14 to platform 6 within 7 minutes with luggage? Is that possible? How to walk? Quite confuse with the pdf map on website. Please kindly explain.

Milan to Lugano : I have to buy RE or EC ticket at Milano station to cover the cost to Chlasso and then showing swiss pass to cover from Chiasso to Lugano (but do not need to change the train). Am I correct? RE or EC train, can I buy from Eurorail or have to buy from SBB website? Also from


Lugano to Milan : I show swiss pass and then buy the route from Chlasso to Milan at Lugano station?

How can I observe which train is SBB,RE, or EC. I don't see platform number of RE or EC on SBB website. Then I need to go earlier to check the platform?


Hi @PornpunChalitkringkai

For personalized answers regarding ticket purchase, please contact us directly using the contact form.

Thank you for your understanding.

Kind regards


Hello @PornpunChalitkringkai

Thank you for your query.

If you have purchased the Swiss Travel Pass, the following answers are correct:

1. You can buy additional tickets at any SBB ticket counter within Switzerland.
2. If you take a direct train, you don't have to change if your additional ticket for the route in Italy has already been purchased.
3. No, there is no SBB railway counter in Italy.
4. With the normal Swiss Travel Pass you do not have to validate anything. With the Swiss Travel Pass Flex, you only need to enter the date of travel.

You will find all informations on the following link:

I wish you a pleasant stay in Switzerland.