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swiss tickets

New Author

hello, I wanted to ask which swiss tickets should i purchase if i will travel from zurich-luzern-bern -zurich in one day please?

thanks alot 

Commuter (gold)

Hello @kim_my 

We need a bit more information.

Is this all you will travel on Swiss public transport or are you planning more travels during your stay? Are you travelling alone or with your family?

On a first consideration, the Saver Day Pass might be the best ticket:

Other passes are worth if you travel multiple days (in a row) on public transport. As mentioned, for a more specific answer we need more information.

Best regards,

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Thanks for your response, we are 4adults +1child (7yearsold), we will use swiss public transportations and we are staying in zurich for 4days, and we to visits other swiss cities, like 2 cities in one day..wich swiss tickets should we purchase please that can bring us in other cities in one day. 

Hello @kim_my 

Thank you for your request.

In this case, I can suggest our Swiss travel pass. This is available for 4 days. You have all the information and the possibility to buy here.
The Swiss travel Pass has a great offer for children. See the information at the bottom of the page.

Alternatively, you can travel with the Saver Day Pass, as suggested by @RolandP. For children there is the Day Pass Children.

If you have any questions, we are here for you. Have a nice weekend.
Greetings ZoeS