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"The payment cannot be made due to an error. Please repeat the process."

New Member

I've tried 4 times to buy our Swiss Travel Passes and I keep getting "The payment cannot be made due to an error. Please repeat the process" Tried 2 different cards, both of which should work fine. Hoping I don't get charged multiple times as I got the error every time. How can I purchase our passes?

New Author

I can assure you the website IS NOT working perfectly; I'm also getting the exact same error with multiple good credit cards.  I even entered a verification code issued by my bank.  Nothing works.
It gives me no confidence that your payment processing will work when I arrive in Switzerland.  I worry I'd get there and be unable to get around at all.
It makes absolutely no sense that a Swiss designed website would tell you that no tickets are available only by taking credit card information and then returning a cryptic error message rather than simply stating there are none available.  It's very impolite.
Hoping someone can post a fix. The service provided is far below my expectations for SBB.

New Author

In the interest of follow-up, others with this problem will get quicker service by calling their credit-card provider as SBB only offers help via telephone.
For one of my credit cards, the purchase was blocked due to hyperactive "fraud protection".  I had the block removed and was able to purchase. 
In the time I spent unblocking, the price went up 20%.  It would have been more helpful if SBB or their payment vendor has simply stated, "Your financial institution declined the payment."  Then I would know where to go.  I wouldn't wonder if it was the SBB website, the credit card processor, my bank, or simply what browser I was using.
All this does not explain the price rising and falling 20% during the many times a purchase was attempted; that's on SBB.
It also does not explain why verification from another credit card provider did not work and that transaction was blocked as well.

New Author

Worse still, during repeated attempts to purchase, the price of the selection is changing during the process.  Something appears very wrong with both payment process and the website.  The selection is shown as available for purchase, but fails every time with the same unhelpful error, "Please repeat the process."

New Author

I can assure you the website IS NOT working perfectly.  I'm getting the same error with multiple good credit cards.  I was even given an authentication code from my bank, which also did not process successfully.
And it makes me worried that I might show up in Switzerland and find out your payment system still does not work with my credit cards and I'm stuck.
That really sounds horrible.
I can't even imagine that a Swiss company would design a system that only let customers know there were no passes available AFTER they'd attempted to buy one.  That's just nonsense.

New Member

Hello Guys,

I'm also facing the same issue 'The payment cannot be made due to an error. Please repeat the process' while i'm trying to purchase Saver Day passes, Please help.

With the same payment method, i have purchased many tickets in SBB before, Not sure, kindly do the needful ASAP.



Hi @dprakashbabu 

Thank you for your reaction.

We are not aware of any technical malfunction, our site is working perfectly. If you cannot buy a saver day pass, this means that there is more for the desired day. This is not an error of the online site.

I wish you a nice weekend. 



Hello @scrowe89 

Thank you for your query.

We are not aware of any disruption at the moment.

We recommend that you use a different browser and try the purchase again. If the purchase does not work, buy the Swiss Travel Pass directly in Switzerland at one of the larger train stations. You can find more information under the following link: Where can I buy a Swiss Travel Pass or a Swiss Family Card? – Help Center Switzerland Tourism (myswi...

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards, AferditaH