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purchasing 4 day Pass online; problems...

New Author

I am attempting to purchase a 4 day pass online, but I continually get a notice that states that "my selected offer is not available". This notice pops up right after confirmation of entered information for the ticket (name, dates of travel) and right before payment window appears.

Is there an easier way to purchase this pass?




New Author

Thank you Rahel.

My plan is to travel from Lindau, Germany (by boat), catching a train in Rorschach to Romanshorn. Romanshorn offers better schedules for trains to Zermatt. Would I be able to purchase the pass at the Rorschach Bahnhof? 

Would the pass cover any part of the journey by boat from Lindau to Rorschach? Thank you in advance for your help...really looking forward to seeing Zermatt and Switzerland by train... I am sure there will be other trips taken in your country. JBK

Hi @siacd57 

Thank you for your request.

The Swiss Travel Pass can also be purchased at the ticket office in Rorschach. You will find the opening hours here.

Regarding the validity, you can find more information here (Map of Validity).

I wish you a nice weekend.

Best regards


Hello @siacd57 

Please make sure you entered all passenger's details like name, date of birth and country of residence. You can also try to purchase the pass using another browser or device. 

If it still does not work, you can buy the passes at any ticket counter after your arrival in Zurich.

I wish you a great time in Switzerland. Regards RahelW