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Swiss Travel Pass Coverage


Hello Good day!

Hope all is well and everyone is staying safe.

My friends and I are travelling to Switzerland from 21-25th of April 2023. Our itineraries include, travels from Geneva to Zurich, Zurich to Interlaken (few days in nearby areas) and Interlaken to Bologna (Italy). Looking at the schedule all travels will be via SBB trains. We are planning to buy Swiss Travel pass good for 4 days.


Can we use Swiss travel pass (as payment) when booking through SBB online to all these above routes mentioned? 

Secondly, we would like to book our tickets in advance (this week the latest) so we will be able to maintain our travel schedule. Please advise if we can do online this week using the Swiss travel pass to pay.

Thirdly, if the answer above are yes - can you please provide sample (screen shot) as to how to pay via Swiss travel pass during booking online.

I truly appreciate your responses on my queries, as we would like to book well in advance to ensure our smooth travels within Switzerland and we are looking forward to it.

Shall await for your responses.


Have a good one!



Hello @Pamie 

Thank you for your request.

The Swiss Travel Pass is an offer valid in Switzerland. This offer cannot be used as a means of payment. More information about the validity of the offer as well as the possibility to purchase can be found directly here:

You can use the Swiss Travel Pass for your journeys between Geneva and Zurich and Zurich to Interlakten and also for public transports in the cities. 

The Swiss Travel Pass is only valid up to the border. When travelling to Italy, you buy a ticket from Domodossola or Chiasso. It depends on the travel route.

It is best to buy tickets to Italy in advance directly via the SBB Webshop.  To do so, enter the desired route and date in the timetable and click on "Buy ticket". The purchase process will then start automatically:

I wish you a good day.
Kind regards, LeaG

Commuter (gold)

Hello @Pamie 

As a general saying, the Swiss Travel Pass *is* your ticket and owning it, you are not required to buy additional tickets. You simply show the Swiss Travel Pass to the ticket conductor. There is an exempt for mountain railways and cable ways where the Swiss Travel Pass sometimes covers 50 to 0 % of the journey. In this case, simply buy the additionally required tickets at a staffed counter while presenting the Swiss Travel Pass.

You can find the map of validity showing the routes covered by STP on this page, see:

Buying tickets in advance makes partly sense. It hinders you to change travel plans at short notice in case of bad weather or other happenings. Definitely do not buy mountain excursion tickets in advance as you do not know what the weather will be at the day of travel. Try to stay flexible in your planning. Buying tickets the day before travel is not a big deal.

As for the journey to Bologna, the Swiss Travel Pass provides free travel as far as Domodossola or Chiasso, respectively. Buy the ticket with SBB or Trenitalia.

Get back to us should you have more querries.

Happy travels


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