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Saver Day Pass from Zurich Airport to Geneva Airport: free seat in second class

Hey all.

I 've already bougt a Saver Day pass in order to travel from Zurich Airport to Geneva Airport (it it possible to use the Super day pass for this trip, wright??)

How can i book a seat for the second class in a train??

Or i must select a train and after entering the train i should find a free seat my self?


Hello @ΔημήτρηςΓκίνης

Thank you for your query.

You can use the Saver Day Pass throughout the entire area of validity. The Synoptic Map you can find on the following link:

On trains within Switzerland, seat reservations are not obligatory and are therefore not included in the train ticket.

Seats may be reserved in trains which are marked "R" (reservation possible), "RE" (reservation recommended) or "RR" (reservation mandatory) under "comments" in the online timetable.

Detailed information on the various booking options are available under:

I wish you a nice day.


What if i cannot make a seat reserve for a specific route (the system responds that It was not possible to make a reservation for the route) ?
Does it means that i cannot travel with this train?
Traveller (bronze)

Hi @dimginisIt is not possible to make a seat reservation on all trains:

Greetings, Franco

I know that.

What am i asking is what if i cannot make a seat rreservation (the system responds that It was not possible to make a reservation for the route) for a train that it is possible to make a seat reservation (marked with R)? Can i travel with this train or not?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ΔημήτρηςΓκίνης

Absolutely, you can travel with that train without any problems.

Without knowing which train you wanted to reserve, I can't tell you the reason why it didn't work (possibly fully booked or blocked due to construction work).

Don't worry, there are always seats that cannot be reserved. 

Kind regards