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Regional Pass or SBB Half-Fare Travelcard for Commute? Also, ticket purchasing for bus commutes?

New Author

Hello everyone,

I'm about to arrive in Switzerland for my studies! I am very excited to come back and stay for a much longer period this time around. For reference, I will be commuting and traveling mostly around Fribourg and Vaud. I also intend on using both tpf bus and rail. I also have, at best, basic tourist level French which I have arranged to improve with university language classes. (The program I'm pursuing is being taught entirely in English.)

I'm a bit torn as to what I should be getting: either a Frimobil yearly pass or an SBB half-fare travelcard. The Frimobil yearly pass would definitely make getting on and off the tpf rail and buses trivial, as I hear that I would need to buy tickets on either a kiosk on the bus stop or in the train station. That said, the SBB half-fare card does easily pay itself off and I can use it practically anywhere - and I will be going around the country whenever I'm free. It's also around two and a half times cheaper.

So I just wanna know - how troublesome is it to buy individual bus tickets prior to your journey? Would the convenience of the Frimobil pass be worth it? Or am I overthinking it and just getting the SBB demi-tarif would do fine?

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I'm coming to the University of Zurich as a Visiting professor (I will stay there for 3 months at minimum). Do I need to download the SBB mobile app and get SBB Half-Fare Travelcard at once? Also: can I link my card to my account later and then link my account to the SBB app?




Klara Stark, research area: Trypanosome Cell Biology thetermpapers

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Hi @crankspuls6 

Whether a Frimobil travelcard is worth to purchase, depends on how often you travel. Basically it already pays off if you make 3-4 journeys per week.

Like you said: The Half-Fare travelcard is usually amortised after a short time and a few trips. You can also buy it additionally to other travelcards.

The "Travelcard finder" can help you decide which solution is best for :

For detailed advice, please go to the counter, complete the contact form or call us on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08 min).

Kind regards