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Refund due to Corona

New Member

Dear, Hello.

Originally we are plan to get marry next month, so we booked your Train tickets for honeymoon.
However, we got problems now.
As you might be know, CORONA Virus is spreading in Korea now.
For example, next block ’s home of my apartments occurred the confirmed patient. It happened numerous patients(infected persons) constantly. There are over 4,800 persons.

Therefore, we request the refund our booked train tickets for Every passenger ’s safety and health.

In my case, we postponed our wedding date too.
Please understand our serious state in Korea.

Commuter (silver)

Hi @HONG12 

I understand your situation.

Did you purchase your ticket through SBB web services? Please contact us here: 

Otherwise please contact your sales partner directly.

Kind regards

Can anyone explain this compensation given by sbb? It’s a bit confusing. Are GA holders given 158chf per day if you keep paying your GA monthly or just 15 days altogether? Makes no sense to keep paying 340 a month just to receive 158chf comp. or do you get 158chf per day from March 14th? It’s not very clear on the website. Thanks

Commuter (silver)

Hi @Billy 

As a GA customer you have the option of depositing your GA travelcard for a maximum of 30 days per subscription year – even retroactively.

The amount of the one-off credit as compensation is calculated according to the value of the respective GA travelcard for 15 days. If the GA travelcard starts or ends during the lockdown period, no credit will be paid out.

The lockdown began on 17. March 2020. At present, it is not yet clear until when the federal measures apply.

You will find the answer on your question at the FAQ:
how much.JPG

Kind regards