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Refund Ticket bought with Half Fare Card

New Author

I purchased a ticket online on with my Half Fare card. I cannot travel anymore and would like to request a refund.

I saw there are 2 different modules, one for purchases full price and one for super saver tickets (which I think it is another type of discount). Which one should I select? And how much will I get reimbursed?



Hallo @Federica4 ,

Thank you for your request.

If you bought the ticket for a trip in Switzerland then you can refund it at the following link, on the ticket description should be noted if it is a point-to-point ticket ( full price)or a saver ticket:Refund on tickets in Switzerland | SBB help & contact
International tickets can only be exchanged or refunded by phone: Tel. 0848 44 66 88, (CHF 0.08/Min.) or at an SBB counter.
You can find more information here:Refund of international tickets | SBB help & contact

Have a nice weekend
Kind regards MelanieD

Hi @MelanieD 

my trip was from Milano Centrale (Italy) to Basel with the following connections (4 trains in total):

- Milan - Lugano

- Lugano - Zurich

- Zurich - Aarau

- Aarau - Basel


Is this considered a trip in Switzerland or international ticket?



Hello @Federica4 ,

Yes, this is an international journey.
As soon as the journey starts from a place abroad or leads to a place abroad, it is an international journey.

I wish you a nice weekend
Kind Regards MelanieD