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Payment failed, bud money were deducted

New Author

Hello, I was just paying online for a partially valid ticket (100 CHF), and I chose to pay with twint. It gave me a twint transaction number which I typed in, and so it let me send the 100 CHF. However, this payment "didn't count" on the webpage and so I had to pay it again (I did it via normal credit card payment). So I payed 200 CHF because one payment didn't count on SBB. Can I get a refund for these 100 CHF (I am able to provide the twint transaction details)? Thank you


Hello @Matyas 

Thank you for your question. 

If you only received one confirmation e-mail, it means the ticket was sold only one time. 

Therefore you were not charged two times. The first try with Twint did not go though definitively. 

TWINT authorizations are not definitive charges, although they are displayed on the bank account. The money is "reserved" as an authorization, and if there is no ticket sold, it is automatically released again. This can take between 7 and 14 days with TWINT. Once the amount has been released, it will no longer be visible on your bank statement. For this reason, we recommend that you always wait for the final bank statement.

Please contact your bank for further information on the means of payment.

Tip: We recommend purchasing tickets with SwissPass-login. So your orders are visible in your account. Please log in on and click on "Orders". If the booking is not listed, it did not work and your means of payment was not debited.

If you do not yet have an SwissPass account, you can create one using the following link:

I wish you a nice day!



Hello, so I checked official UBS Twint help portal and it says that the payment should be definitive within 7 days. And since the payment I made (100 CHF via Twint) was exactly last week, should I wait more or contact SBB support? The money from failed payment on SBB by Twint didn't come back yet! Thank you in advance

Hi @Matyas 

I advise you to wait a few more days, refunds can take between 7 and 14 days with TWINT .

I wish you a nice Sunday.


Hi, so it is over a month since I made a twint online transaction of 100CHF to SBB, however the transaction "didn't count" on the website, yet the money were taken from my account - so I paid 200CHF instead of 100CHF. Even though I was advised to wait up to 14 days (since the money may return due to an unfinished twint transactio), nothing happened. I want this to be solved immeadiately, so who shall I contact from SBB in order to resolve this issue? I am also making a complaint to UBS twint about this transaction. Thanks