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Is my trip from Interlaken West to Lyon Part Dieu valid??

New Author


This is what my travel itineray looks like.

The last part is what I'm wondering about. When I was reserving the tickets, I saw that the train from Geneva to Lyon was "unavailable for reservation". What does this mean? Is my ticket only valid until Geneva and should I go reserve another train to Lyon on the OUI website?

Thank you in advance for the replies:)캡처.JPG


Hello @hearthrob02


As I can see in the picture, you have a ticket from Interlaken West to Lyon. The regional trains Geneva - Lyon (TER) cannot be reserved.

Kind regards

So does that mean I have to get off at Geneve and reserve a ticket to Lyon? Or, does it just mean that I have a ticket itself but not a specific seat reserved?

Hello @hearthrob02

You have the train ticket to Lyon but no seat reservation from Geneva to Lyon, because it is not possible to book it.


Kind regards



So I technically have a reserved tocket only to Geneva, so I would have to go to the French website to book a TGV train for that???

Hi @hearthrob02

No, you have a ticket to Lyon for a regional train (TER). Seats cannot be reserved on regional trains. A seat reservation is only obligatory and necessary on the TGV.

Kind Regards