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How do I buy a 9 o'clock Travelpass in the new SBB app?

New Author
I can't figure out how to buy a 9 o'clock travel pass (ZVV) in the new app - can anyone point out the right steps?
Traveller (gold)

Hi @tomburger


You can buy regional transport tickets directly from the start screen (regional transport tickets in two clicks) or via the standard or touchscreen timetable. First you have to choose a connection (after 9 am) in the timetable, one swipe to the left and you’ll find your 9 o'clock travel pass (ZVV).


Regards, Davide


Hi @DavideC Thank you Davide for getting back to me. Unfortunately I cannot find those options. On my start screen, I see: Quick Tickets and there I see 'Day pass' and 'Individual Ticket'. When I swipe left twice, I see the same option again. When I click on 'day pass', the 9 o'clock ticket is not an option. When I click on a connection and I bring up the tickets, I can see 'ZVV Individual Ticket/Day Pass', 'ZVV Extension Ticket' and 'ZVV Class upgrade' - but no option to buy the 9 o'clock pass. Maybe I misunderstood - Could you send me screenshots or a GIF to make it more clear?

Hello @tomburger

To buy a 9 o’clock ticket you have to choose first a timetable connection. When you have selected your timetable you can swipe on the left side. After that you see the ticket options, there you have to scroll down and you'll find the 9 o’clock ticket.

Greetings, NicolasK



9 o'clock ticket.PNG

Hey @NicolasK, Thank you - that's where I've been looking and expecting the ticket option to be. However, here's what I see on my end when I choose a connection that should lead me to the 9 o'clock pass option: Please let me know what else I should try.