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Clarification of the validity of point to point ticket

New Author


As far as I know "A point to point ticket is only valid on the chosen journey". But it is not written that "they are only valid to get on SBB trains" either on the screens of Automats or on the printed tickets  (Point to point ticket/ called streckenbillet).

Should all the ticket buyers  of "Point to point ticket" know this rule or should visit SBB website for this information?

For example if a person wants to go to Zürich/Altstetten from Bern and bought a Point to Point ticket. And after Zürich, he used the Tram to go to Altstetten. Is he responsible about that mistake, becasue he doesn't know that "Streckenbillets are only valid to get on SBB trains

Thank you in advance for your reply.





is a point-to-point subscription Lausanne-Geneve valid both from Lausanne to Geneva and from Geneva to Lausanne?

Frequent Traveller

Hello @Marghe 

Yes, it is valid in both direction, if this was your question. It is valid on the train only, trams and buses at either destination are not included.

Best regards,

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Hello @arifatih 

Thank you for your post. 

A point-to-point ticket from Bern to Zürich Altstetten is valid all the way, on the tram form Zürich HB to Zürich Altstetten as well.

Here you can find more information on the topic:

I wish you a pleasant day. 

Kind regards


Frequent Traveller

This information is not correct. A point-to-point Bern-Zürich Altstetten is not valid on local transport such as tram and buses. Point-to-point without the City-Ticket option are solely valid on trains.

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Thanks Poland, although you are late 🙂

I already paid the 100 CHF fine for taking the tram. Despite all my objections and showing the posts here.

Frequent Traveller

Hello @arifatih 

I am sorry for this; I only read it today.


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@EleonoraS Dear EleonoraS

Could you extend on validity of point to point ticket, please?

I acquired by a purchase a point to point ticket for return jorney from Geneva to Chatel St Denis. As I need to make a visit there then return.

However, it got printed to the ticket that it is " via laussane vevey". Which presumes taking a bus at vevey station that goes to Chatel st Denis.

Moreover, there are options for train connection that are listed with the same cost but they are not via Vevey but via Palézieux like train from Geneva to Palézieux
 then train from Palézieux to Chatel St Denis.
Finally, the questuion is if the return jorney ticket is valid only for the bus interconnection via Lausanne, or the train only route with interconnection via the Palezleuz also can be used? Given I only concerned in the start point - geneve to chatel St Denis , can I use both options or doomed to use the bus through Vevey only?

posted to a separate question there

Thank you Very much


Hi @andrev 

Thank you for your reply. 

No, the validity of a point-to-point ticket cannot be extended. 

If there is a specific via printed on the ticket, this ticket is only valid passing through tihs specific via, you cannot get to your destination travelling through somewhere else. 

If you have any more question, or in order to get a specific answer to your tickets, please call our colleagues at SBB Contact Center (0848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min), they are available 24/7. 

I wish you a good weekend.





Could you clarify on the following situation, please?

I have had a flight at the airport departinmg 2PM

so I bought supersaver ticket to the airport arriving to the airport at 12:14

However at the day of the departure the website has shown the train I purchased the ticket for in an interrupted - - - - - red line which meant that the train is either cancelled or delayed like for 40 minutes.

So I had to buy a new point to point ticket for the same destination to catch the train that arrives at 12-00

The question is either I am eligible for refund for any of the two tickets I purchased?



Pendler/in (Bronze)

Hello @andrev 

If a train is cancelled or delayed and you therefore cannot reach the connection with your saver offer, the ticket is exceptionally still valid for the next possible connection. Since you have made a new purchase, please check the refund conditions with the Contact Center by calling 0041(0)848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) or via the contact form on

Have a nice Sunday.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.


but still with the vevey as intermediatory obligatory interconnect can it be used with train from vevey to st denis?


geneva - lausanne vvevey

then vevey train to chatel st denis?

or it is not covered either?