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Please use our help & contact area for all questions regarding your ticket bookings and for refunds.
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Change ticket

New Member

Hey, I purchased a ticket from Geneva Airport to Leysin Village for the 27/12/21 at 20:50 but was hoping to change it to 31/12/21 for around 13:00, is this possible?

I'm in the UK so unable to call the help line, would it be possible to continue this conversation over and email address?

Thank you.


Hallo @Jo3y22 

Supersaver tickets can be exchanged or refunded online or at public transport points of sale in the following cases before the start of validity. A fee of CHF 10 is retained in each case. I have highlighted the case that concerns you:

  • Tickets purchased as duplicates.
  • Date accidentally entered incorrectly on ticket, or incorrect departure time. Important: the refund claim must be made immediately after the mistake is noticed. Does not apply to planned changes.
  • The connection booked with the supersaver ticket cannot be held. For a refund to be made, a new ticket for the normal price, identical route and identical traveler must be purchased.
  • Tickets with incorrect personal details (first name, surname or date of birth).
  • Tickets mistakenly bought for the wrong person. For a refund to be made, a new ticket must be held for the right person.
  • Ticket for wrong customer group (Day Pass/supersaver ticket without Half Fare Travelcard or full fare instead of reduced fare). For a refund to be made, a new ticket must be held for the right customer group.
  • Proven inability to travel (illness, accident, death).

If you have bought a normal ticket for the normal price, BEFORE the start of validity, you can have the ticket refunded/exchanged without a fee.

In both cases, for the saverticket as well as for the normal fare-ticket, you must fill out the following form:

Refund of tickets purchased online and via mobile | SBB help & contact

Best regards. EllenvS.