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seat reservation

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I made a reservation for first class for a train from Zurich to Interlaken. I have following questions.
1. Do I have to make seat reservations separately? If yes, how to do that?
2. I purchased my tickets after I created a login account, so how can I add my tickets to my account?
3. I have 6 minutes time to change trains in Bern, is that enough time to change train with my family? I mean are the platforms close to each other?
4. Do I have to check in my bags or is there a place in the train to keep my bags?
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Hi Uebe,

Thank you so much for you reply. I already made the reservation in first class. So, if I don't reserve seats in advance, then we can sit anywhere we want? I look at the seat reservation and unlike on a flight where there are assigned seats on this train seat reservation is just to reserve seat preference such as window or aisle, it is not reserving a specific seat number like on a flight which makes it useless. I did not understand the point of having this seat reservation.


Reisende/r (Platin)

Hi @james007 

1. Beside a valid ticket for your journey, you do not need a reservation, this is not mandatory. You can make a seat reservation here:

2. Your tickets should be visible in your account if you have logged in before buying the tickets. If you have not been signed in - for what reason - the tickets cannot be added to your account afterwards.

3. 6 minutes should be enough time, because the plattforms are near each other. If you do not have a super save ticket (if the train number is not written on the ticket), you also can take a train later if you miss the original train.
And a pro tip: Look for the "IC81" train in the schedule on or in the SBB App. This connection IC81 operates directly between Zurich (and Zurich airport) and Interlaken, for example here. But then please verify that you do not have fixed super saver tickets only valid for a specific train as I mentioned above.

4. You do not have to check your bag in. You can take your luggage with you. There should be enough storage space available

I wish you a nice stay in Switzerland!

LG, uebe

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