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Neuer Autor

Good day,

I have a question about refunding tickets.

My friend from the Czech Republic is planning to come to Switzerland to visit me by plane and she would like to buy train tickets for the weekend (on our trips) in advance due to lower ticket prices (probably super saver tickets). However, she is afraid that restrictions such as "Mandatory quarantine" etc. will come from the Czech Republic or Switzerland, in that case, she wouldn´t arrive. Would it then be possible to get a refund for the tickets?

Thank you in advance.


Jaroslava Madkova

Hello @Jaja1008 

A refund or exchange of savings offers is generally not possible. Due to the already known COVID-19 pandemic, we can unfortunately not make an exception and would have to reject the request for refund. The only exception would be if the traveler has a positive COVID-19 certificate from the doctor. This would allow us to reconsider the reimbursement request. Otherwise, I recommend the visitor to buy normal offers, which can be easily exchanged or refunded before departure.

In the future, for the English speaking users who may have the same question, I ask you to post in English in the English community. Just change the page language to under in the footer of the website.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

Greetings, VlaznimA.