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My lost backpack in Geneva station,Platform 4

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I experienced the worst day in my life in Geenve at April 19th, which was also the first day in Europe for me. I am a student from China and come to EPFL, Neuchatel, Switzerland for study. After 17 hours fly, I arrived in Geenve and planned to go to Neuchatel by train. Because I bought a wrong ticket from Geenve to Neuchatel, so I needed to take train from Geenve airport to Geenve first. After arriving at platform 4 of Geenve station, I was very tired and I put my backpack on my two suitcases for rest. Some one came to me to ask how to take the train correctly. I answered him and after that I turned back, my backpack was missing.

There are all my bank cards, ID card and computer within that backpack. So I have no money at all for eating and living in Switzerland. I am a PhD student and all my 4 years research data is in that computer (Microsoft Surface Pro4, already used for three years and it is very cheap.). Without the data in that computer, I can't graduate even after another 4 or 5 years. I understand that you did this because sometimes it is hard for living for someone in this word, so you have to be a pickpocket. So it's ok you take other things away. I really need my bank cards and computer. which are almost useless for you I think. I beg you sir. If you can see this message, please send me a private message anonymously and tell me where that backpack is.

Or does anybody ever seen this backpack these days? I only have a side view of my backpack, and there is a cup within it. Also, the wallet inside it is black. Pictures below are my backpack and my wallet. please send me a message if anybody see it. My email address is



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The story you share is very interesting, I know its sad about the loss, but the good thing is that this will makes you a writer, I think you have to write your trip stories. For the promotion of your book If you need help search for best Wikipedia page creation service

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I lost my laptop on my way to Glion sur Montreux in June and all my research projects were there...  I'm a student at Glion Institute of Higher Education. Fortunately, I had them saved in my Dropbox storage. I contacted the lost property service and received a search report via e-mail.





Sarah York

Master's in International Hospitality Business


Hallo @LostinGeneva 

The loss of an item is unpleasant, especially if it is something important like a smartphone; we are aware of this. Many items find their way back to the owner thanks to the lost property service, but unfortunately not all of them.


The found objects are sent daily to the find center where they are centrally registered. The central registration brings us an improved allocation of the found objects to their owners.


A loss report, for 15 francs each, can be made either during opening hours at the counter, 24 hours via Rail-Service 0848 44 66 88, local rate (CHF 0.08/min. from the Swiss landline) or via the Internet,


In any case, after four and ten days you receive a search report either per SMS, e-mail or letter: