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Fragrance Policy

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I have a severe fragrance allergy. I don't react to people wearing perfume, but if you spray in the same carriage, I will have an anaphylactic attack. I always carry medication on me, both pills and an EpiPen, and if I smell perfume, I move to a different carriage as soon as possible, but sometimes, I'm just not fast enough. Twice now, I've had to take medication in the train, and go directly to the hospital.

I haven't lived in Switzerland for very long, I'm wondering if this is just normal/common to spray perfume in public spaces? Or is there a policy on/against fragrances inside sbb trains? Either way, does anyone else here in the community have any tips for me?


Hello @soniclipstick

There are no regulations regarding the use of perfumes on SBB trains. We appeal to common sense.

Kind regards

@ManuelaPf only a few have common sense. I am also bothered by the pollution of the air with perfume and hairspray.

Seeing as I have had another two reactions last week alone, I would say common sense really isn't that common, indeed. I'm just going to take allergy meds before I leave the house from now on, I guess.