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Unfortunately, you can’t always avoid full trains at peak times. But with a few of our tips you can make your commute more comfortable and more relaxed.

  • Our first tip: check the occupancy rate.
  • Our second tip: give your fellow commuters the space get off quickly to save time when you’re getting on the train.
  • More tips.

Jonas commutes every day from Bern to Zurich. He can often schedule his meetings particularly early or extra late so that he is travelling in off-peak hours. However, this isn’t possible every day, so it is fortunate that he knows these two tricks. In the app, he checks the occupancy rate for each train and, if they are available, he uses the less busy S-Bahn trains or additional trains. As an experienced commuter he also knows this: it’s always worth making space for passengers getting off the train. Less crowding saves you time when getting on the train.

That’s how you commute cleverly.


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