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ticket refund

New Author
Ticket refunds.

I left the article yesterday. But I did not give a comment to me.
I am waiting for your comments in Korea.

The normal price for Basel - Interlaken West is 30.5 francs. However, I presented a price of 61 francs and presented a 48 francs saver ticket.

However, this was a system error.
I will refund this ticket and make a new reservation.
I waited seven months to receive a discount.
Please help me.

Below is the article left yesterday.
But I did not give a comment to me.
My trip remained a week.
Please comment. And let me make a refund. request.

April 26 Basel SBB - Interlaken West Station
17:59 I bought the train.
I waited for the discount ticket and suddenly it doubled.
So I bought two tickets for 97.4 francs.
However, after checking it out immediately after purchase, it came down to 16 francs again.
I took a picture that the price was doubled.
It seems to be a system error.
Please approve the purchase cancellation.
We will repurchase 16 franc tickets.
My email is
order n.416102354
I made a reservation with this email. please reply.



Re: ticket refund

Traveller (platinum)


I already replied to your previous message. The amount has been refunded to you.