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New Author

Hi There,


I forgot to print my ticket out!

does my swiss pass shows that I already booked the ticket? is the swisspass enough to show to the controller on board?


Hello @Abbasi

Display the ticket under “Login” on your smartphone/tablet or desktop. Depending on the offer, the ticket is also displayed directly in the confirmation e-mail.

With the exception of international tickets, you can find all tickets in the app under “Journeys and tickets” on Apple devices, or under “My tickets” on Android devices. Alternatively, you can access your tickets directly via your account at and show them to the train crew. (only possible with login)

More information:

Kind regards



I have bought Swiss Pass but unable to find ways to add it in my iphone SBB mobile app. Also unable to find any way to add the swiss pass to my account.

My swiss pass was bought from on line (print at home option) by SBB official supplier, STC Switzerland Travel Centre AG Binzstrasse 38 CH-8045 Zurich.


Can you please help?

Thank you in advance...

Commuter (silver)


I think that you have a Swiss Travel Pass? Please do not confuse this travelcard with the SwissPass.

A Swiss Travel Pass can't be viewed in the mobile app.

More information about the SwissPass:

Kind regards


Thank you for the reply, yes, I have a Swiss Travel Pass (1st Class) and not SwissPass.

Can you please help by clarifying some doubts and confusion as am not familiar with either of them.


1) With Swiss Travel Pass, is there a need  to buy any tickets for travel  on public transport (All types of trains including mointain excursions, Buses, Boats and Ferries in lakes) within Switzerland?

2) With Swiss Travel Pass, is there a need to buy any tickets for travel from Switzerland to France (I would like to go to Paris from Geneve) ?

3) How do I request for seat reservations with Swiss Travel Pass in 1st Class ?

4) Do I need to add a GA Travel Card or a Half-Fare Travel Card to Swiss Travel Pass?

5) Is there any process to validate/activate the Swiss Travel Pass at the time of first entry in Switzerland ?

Would really appreciate if you could clarify the above....


Thank you in advance...


Thank you for your request.

1) You can find the validity card here (right side => Download => Map of validity :
2) The Swiss Travelpass is not valid on TGV trains from Geneva to Paris. This ticket is valid only within Switzerland: (under Advantages at a glance)
3) On trains within Switzerland, seat reservations are not obligatory and are therefore not included in the train ticket. Seats may be reserved in trains which are marked "R" (reservation possible), "RE" (reservation recommended) or "RR" (reservation mandatory) under "comments" in the online timetable. Detailed information on the various booking options are available under:
4) No, you do not need a GA oder Half-Fare Card
5) On the Swiss Travelpass, the dates are already defined. For the Swiss Travelpass Flex, the dates must be entered before the trip.

All these informations can be obtained on the following link:

Best regards

Thanks @ManuelaPf for your response!

According your response I got it via my SBB account. 


Best regards,