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Hello @randy-chou

Thank you for your query.

With the Saver Day Pass you can travel to the Rigi. To travel to Pilatus you need an additional ticket for the half price from Alpnachstad to Pilatus. You can find the area of validity and further information under the following link:

I wish you a nice day.


New Author

Good day! 

Is Saver Day Pass valid for a 50% off of Gornergrat - Zermatt train operated by Gornergrat Bahn? GA is eligible for a 50% off per Gornergrat Bahn's website, but the website does not specify for Saver Day Pass. I emailed and they said Saver Day Pass is not valid for the Gornergrat train, which is controversial to my understanding that Saver Day Pass can be used as GA. Would you advise, please?




Hi @ZoeZhou

Thank you for your request.

The Saver Day Pass is not valid for the train from Zermatt to Gornergrat. This card is valid on the GA network but it is not a GA.
If you have a half-fare card, you pay a half price ticket. If this is not the case, you must buy a full ticket.


Best regards

Dear NicolasK,

I have similar issue. Today, 31/10/2018, my wife and I traveled from Brig to Zermatt by Gornergrat Bahn train. The train leaved Brig at 02.26 PM. We both showed our saver day pass, but the Gornegrat-Bahn's ticket officer in the train insisted that we have to pay 76 CHF for two return tickets from Brig to Zermatt. He insisted that the term "reduced fare" in the saver day pass means that the pass is only valid if we have the half-fare card.

This is a very unpleasant experience for me. How can I get that 76CHF?

Hi @prastyobrian

Thank you for your request.

There are two different offers; The saver Day Pass with a half-fare and without a half-fare card. The prices are different. If you don’t have a half-fare card and you buy a reduced SaverDay Pass, it is not valid.

Where did you receive the information about this? Where did you buy these tickets?

Best regards

I am traveling to Europe in April 2020 in a family of 4 (2 Adults + 2 Children aged below 13 Years). I will be traveling from Lindau (Bavaria) to Lugano and onwards to Milan on 02.05.2020 (Saturday) and have planned my itinerary as under:

1. Lindau to Rorschach by Ferry Operated by SBB

2. Rorschach to Chur by Train Operated by SBB

3. Chur to Tirano by Train Operated by SBB.   Or    Chur to Bellinzona by Bus operated by PostBus

4. Tirano to Lugano by Bus Operated by SBB.  Or    Bellinzona to Lugano by Train operated by SBB

I am planning to buy Saver Day Passes for me and my wife (without Swiss Half Fare Card) for 02.05.2020 whenever it is available for Sale online  and also plan to buy Day Pass Children @ CHF 16 for our two children.My pointed questions are -

Can we purchase Day Pass Children for our children without any of us holding Swiss Half Fare Card? And it will be valid along with out Saver Day Passes?

Do we require to buy Swiss Family Card in order to buy Day Pass Children? I think SBB wont allow us Swiss Family Pass when we buy Saver Day Pass?

Do we require to buy Junior Travel Card in order to travel with our Children without any need to buy ticket for them? Will it not be waste of money to buy this Card (valid for 1 years) only for the Travel on one day?

The SBB website says that Day Pass Children can be purchased if Children are traveling along with Parents holding a “Valid Ticket”. Will our Day Saver Pass work as a Valid Ticket for us to buy Day Pass Children without worrying about any other condition?

Will ferry from Lindau to Rorschach accept Day Saver Pass and Day Pass Children?

Hello @Vibhav.

Thank you for your query.

You can buy the saver day ticket at the earliest two months before departure.

The offer of the day ticket for children is valid until before their 16th birthday. Each child accompanying you must have its own day pass. Each adult may take a maximum of four children with a children's day ticket and must be in possession of a valid ticket. You do not need to have a Half-Fare travelcard. It is valid for adults with the Saver Day Pass.

You can find information about the Swiss Family Card under the following link:

The Junior Card is valid for one year. If you are only travelling for one day, I recommend you buy the day ticket for children.

From Lindau to Rorschach you can travel with the saver day ticket and the day ticket for children without additional costs.

For more informations please contact us under +41 (0) 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min) or

I wish you a happy new year.

Kind regards.


Travelling with children under 6 years of age. I recommend a "Child Care Pass" for children ages 6 and 7 CHF 16 for Class 2 and CHF 32 for Class 1. If you travel several times a year, it is best to purchase a Kanishka card for CHF 30 per year.