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no email after paying by credit card

New Author

my credit card company bank have confirmed that they deduct the money

but there is no confirm email from sbb

so did i sucessfully booked the ticket or not

Re: no email after paying by credit card


Hi 施詠恬

If you have placed an order without logging-in, please send an e-mail to and submit the following information:

What are the first six digits and the last four digits on your credit card?
E-Mail address (with which you have ordered the Online Ticket):
Order date:
Name of orderer:
Stretch from/to:

If the order was placed by logging-in under - Login, then the Online Ticket is still at your disposition. In case the just placed order cannot be found under "Orders", then the order did not take place and we have subsequently not debited your credit card. You may open and print the relevant ticket anew at any given time.

Kind regards