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from Milano to Spiez using swiss travel pass

New Author

Dear sir or madam,

I want to take the train (Enrocity 52) from Milano, Italy to Spiez, Switzerland on June 16. I have bought online a Swiss Travel Pass 8 days (e-versionwhich starts on June 16.  The following are my questions:

  1. Does the Swiss Travel Pass become activated automatically on June 16? Or , should I activate it manually by passing it to your colleague at a Swiss railway station.
  2. If the pass becomes activated automatically, when I take the train of Eurocity 52, can I just pay for the route from Milano to the last stop in Italy, or the first stop in Switzerland (I am not very sure which one stop I should choose )? And can I still sit on the same train without paying for the rest of the route? If yes, can I reserve the same seat from Milano to Spiez when I buy the ticket?
  3. When I buy the ticket on your web, which destination should I choose, Spiez, the last stop in Italy, or the first stop in Switzerland?
  4. my daughter was born in 2013 nov. I should buy a ticket for her from milano to domodossola. and there is no need to buy a swiss travel pass for her. She can stay with us on the train, since i have the pass. There is no need for us to apply for or fill in a family card. Is that right

Thank you very much! Looking forward to your early reply.

Traveller (platinum)

Hallo @adhuuhuu,

1-  You don't need to activate your pass. It will be automatically valid start from the 16.06.2019.
2/3 - You have to buy a ticket (that includes the seat reservation) from Milan to Domodossola station, the border. If you want to have the seat to Spiez you have to make a reservation on our website from Domodossola to Spiez.
4 - Your daughter pays the half price ticket from Milan to Domodossola and from the Swiss border (Domodossola) needs a Swiss Family Card without any cost to travel with you for free. See in the link:

Have a nice day


Thank you, SamanthaAd.

However, since i bought the pass directly online,where can i get the family card before i arrive in Switzerland, or before i get on the train of Eurocity 52?  If could be, we prefer to stay on the train without getting off  during the route to get the family card. 

According to your reply, i should reserve the seat separately for two parts, one from Milano to Domodossola, the other from Domodossola to Spiez.  Through this,  can i keep the same seat from Milano to Spiez without changing the seat? For our group includes elderly and child.  It will be difficult for us with several large luggages to change the seats.

Thank you very much again.


Hello @adhuuhuu 

Thank you for your request.

As your child is not yet 6 years old in June, you do not need a Swiss Family Card. Children under 6 travel free in Switzerland when accompanied by an adult. Sorry for the wrong information before. 

We cannot guarantee that you will get the same seats for both legs. The reservation between Domodossola and Spiez is voluntary. You can also make no reservation between Domodossola and Spiez.

Kind regards,