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Validity of Individual Ticket

New Author

 I want to buy the ticket from Bellinzona to Locaruno on June 9th though SBB mobile online from Japan.  I don't know the Arcobaleno Individual Ticket. The Ticket seems to be valid for 2 hours.
When does 2-hours start?
Do I have to get off the train before 2 hours valid period termination?
Can I take any train during the 2 hours?

I plan to take the train after Gotthard Panorama Express from Luzern to Belinzona. I don't know the express arriive at Bellinzon on time or not.

Best Regards


Re: Validity of Individual Ticket


Hello @Kazu 

Thank you for your query.

The ticket will be valid for 2 hours from the booked time. It is therefore better to buy the ticket shortly before you travel. You will then be able to travel the desired journey within the specified time.

I wish you a nice trip in Switzerland.


Re: Validity of Individual Ticket

New Author

Thank you for your advice. I understand what you mean. But I have to buy the ticket in advance, because I think I have to show the ticket at Zurich flughafen to send a baggage to Locarno. I already have a ticket from Zurich flugharfen to Bellinzona.

Best Regards