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Urgent: Help regarding "Day pass for 2"





The sbb website is offering a "Day pass for 2" through its website - scheme valid till 5th Nov.




My family (husband, myself, 2 daughters age 9, 14 yrs) is travelling to Switzerland on 17th Oct. We bought a "half fare card" valid for a month for my husband. My understanding is that based on "half fare card" and "day pass for 2" , our travel should become totally free.




But, when I try to book tickets for all of us from "Basel SBB" to "Interlaken OST" through, it does not recognize/give the option to select "Day pass for 2". Also, it does not allow kids for free, rather charging 50% of each of them.




Can you please help? Am I missing something?

Commuter (silver)

Hi TansenSangeetMahavidyalayaNoida

The Day Pass for 2 is not valid in conjunction with an offer of the Swiss Travel System. One person must have a 1-year Half-Fare travelcard.

Please buy your tickets via the timetable and select "no discount" or "Half-Fare-Travelcard".

If you have a Swiss Family Card for your children, you don't need to buy an additonal ticket for journeys marked on this map.

Kind regards


Kindly excuse, but I find it highly disappointing!!

Your website does not clearly spell out that to use "Day Pass for 2", one person should have a "Half fare card" valid for 1 year. It only says that one should have a "Half fare card'...

This information is misleading, and so in the confusion I bought the "Half fare card" for 1 month!!

Since "Day pas for 2" cannot be procured/used, Kindly let me know how can I return the "Half fare card" for 1 month which I bought.

Hello @TansenSangeetMahavidyalayaNoida


If you bought the tickets online, I recommend you contact our Online Support:

Kind regards,