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Unable to buy supersaver tickets

New Author

I am unable to purchase Supersaver tickets for June 1. It shows availability, but the transaction leads to an error message and I am unable to complete the transaction.  It is May 4, so I am within the 30 days.  I also just bought a super saver fare a couple of days ago, so I do know this is normally possible.  

I get the following message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again at a later point."

I have now tried to transact this purchase for the last three days and keep getting the same error message.  

Please advise.  Thank you.  


Traveller (platinum)

Hello @gmaguire,

Now it should work, I just tried to do it online and there was no problem.

Please try again.


Thank you for your reply.  I did try it again and I am getting the same error message.  I was not buying a day pass, I was buying a specific train ticket.    It did give me the optoin of obtaining a super saver fare, but when I selected that optoin and tried to ticket, I got that error message.  

Did you find a solution? I have the same problem.

Commuter (silver)

Hi there

In order to analyse the problem, we kindly ask you to write an e-mail to and to forward us the following information:

Mobile phone maker (Samsung, Nokia, Apple, etc.):
Mobile phone model (Galaxy S5, Lumia 900, iPhone 6, etc.):
What operating system (including its version) is running on your mobile phone?:
Which version of SBB Mobile is installed on your mobile phone?:
Time of the incident (date/time):
Detailed problem report (including screenshot if possible):
Steps executed until the error appears?
- Which schedule has been selected?
- Which ticket has been selected (class, outward/return, full-/half fare)?:
- Amount of the purchase?

Thanking you in advance for the effort.

Kind regards