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Traveller trying to buy the correct train and bike reservation tickets

New Author

Hi all,

I am bike backing through Switzerland in a few weeks and am trying to buy my tickets in advance. I am hoping someone can confirm the tickets I need to buy.

I am travelling with a bike on the following routes:

01/06/2022, 15:11 - 18:51, Geneva, Cornavin - Zermatt (IR 90 and RE trains)

03/06/2022, 17:37 - 21:20, Zermatt - Andermatt (RE and R43 trains).

I have the SBB app and believe I can just buy point to point tickets for these journeys. Do I just buy the bike reservations at the station? I can't see anything on the app. Or is there a multi trip ticket that would suit me better. These are the only two journeys I need.

Thank you in advance!


Hi @Olli_d 

thank you for our question. 

A bike always pays half a ticket: this means, if the journey is CHF 10.00, you buy an additonal point to point ticket for CHF 5.00 for your bicycle. 

For longer journeys, the better solution is a Bike Day Pass: it cost CHF 14.00 and is valid almost everywhere in Switzerland. You can find more information here: Bike Day Pass | SBB 

On regional trains the reservation is not required. In the timetable, trains requiring reservation are marked with the bike reservation symbol.

For more information, please call our colleagues at the SBB Contact Center (0041 848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min)

I wish you a nice day


Hello, I have additional questions about travelling with a bike. I'll be travelling from Zurich to Lucerne by train. Here are my questions.......

1. When I make reservations for myself, do I need to reserve a place for my bike?

2. Do you prefer the bike to be in a travel box or assembled? Is there a difference in price?

3. How do I get the bike on the train? Is there a special train car and I put the bike in that train car?

4. If the bike is in a train car or is not able to travel with me, how do I prevent the bike from being stolen?

Thanks so much,