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Travel from Milan, Italy to Lucerne via Gotthard Panorama Express Scenic Train

New Author

Hello.  I will be traveling by train from Milan, Italy to Lucerne in June 2022.  I would like to take the Gotthard Panorama Express Scenic Train from either Locarno or Lugano to Lucerne as part of this journey.  If I book a one-way trip from Milan to Lucerne, with either Locarno or Lugano as one of the stops, will this guarantee that I board the Gotthard Panorama Express train into Lucerne, or is that a separate ticket that I need to purchase?

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


Hi yimtland, it's worth noting that you don't need to go to the added expense of the Gotthard Panorama train - any train going over the Gotthard (i.e. Bellinzona-Airolo-Göschenen-Erstfeld) will give you the same experience. For instance the beautiful bronze Treno Gottardo trains operated by the SOB company: half-hourly services between Locarno via Bellinzona (where you would pick it up if coming from Italy) - over the Gotthard to either Zurich or Basel (alternates every half hour). To go to Lucerne after passing over the Gotthard, you would change at Arth-Goldau. Or how about a fun alternative: alight at Flüelen and take the boat from one end of Lake Lucerne to the other - a mind-blowing trip through the essence of Switzerland. 


Hello @yimtland 

You can book one ticket Milano - Lugano and than a second one for the trip on the Panorama Express from Lugano to Lucerne. On this train there are only first class cars, except that seat reservation is mandatory. Please find more information here.

I wish you a great trip on the Gotthard Panorama Express.

Regards, RahelW