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To enquire seat reservation via Swiss Travel Pass and others

New Member

Hello There,

I have purchased a 8-day Swiss travel pass, 2nd class and i am arriving via Zurich Airport. On the day of arriving, i am planning to travel to Grindelwald directly and stay there for 2 nights, then will go to Zermatt for a night before i take the Glacier express the next day to St. Moritz. From St. Moritz, i will head back to Zurich.

My questions are:

1. How can i reserve seat in advance between Zurich->Grindelwald, Grindelwald->Zermatt, St. Moritz -> Zurich? IS there any surcharge or cost for advance seat reservation and how it wil be charged?

2. If i want to reschedule my time, how can i change the seat reservation and is there any surchage?

3. If i don't reserve any seat, can i just hope on any train at anytime and find an empty seats to sit down in 2nd class for the trips mentioned at question 1 above? if the train is full, can i still hop on and choose to stand?

4. When i check the Grindelwald and Zermatt station, there are couple stations available in each locations. How do i know which one is the main station that i need to get down?

5. I download the SBB mobile app, but i couldn't see my travel pass after log in. can i see my travel pass via mobile apps?

Thank you.




Commuter (silver)

Hi @EW

On trains within Switzerland, seat reservations are not obligatory and are therefore not included in the train ticket.

Seats may be reserved in trains which are marked "R" (reservation possible), "RE" (reservation recommended) or "RR" (reservation mandatory) under "comments" in the online timetable.

Detailed information on the various booking options are available under:

If you are looking for a train station in the timetable, please select the station without any additional comment (Zermatt = train station in Zermatt / Zermatt, Kirchbrücke = bus station in Zermatt).

The Swiss Travel Pass cannot be displayed via the mobile app.

Kind regards