Tickets - Zurich to Rhinefalls and around

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Would my understanding be correct on what is covered :

1)Saver Day Pass CHF 70 – valid to/from Zurich to Engelberg, allows "stopover" along the route

I fix the day that I buy and it's valid anytime during the day up to 5am the following day.

We would need to pay additional from Engelberg to Mt. Titlis.

2)Zurich – Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall – Schaffhausen – Stein am Rhein - Zurich

Would a Z-Pass Ostwind Day Pass All Zones CHF55.60 cover the entire route….does it matter the order of stops?

We will also be heading to the airport in the evening, would this pass cover the trip to airport?

 Thanks in advance.


Re: Tickets - Zurich to Rhinefalls and around


Hi @namsto

1) Perfectly correct, there's nothing to add ;-)

2) A Z-Pass Ostwind Day Pass for all zones covers the entire route including your trip to Zurich Airport. During the day you can travel within the area of validity of the Z-Pass Ostwind as often and freely as you like (like the Saver Day Pass).

KInd regards