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Ticket purchased and credit card charged. Didn't receive ticket by email

New Member

dear SBB ticket CS in charge. 

Hello, this is Seonyeong Jeon who bought a ticket through SBB website without login. 

Unfortunately, I haven't been given any purchased ticket information by my email even though my credit card has a record I checked out the bill: 135 CHF (and my credit card CS told me there is no sign for refund or withdrawal). 

I bought the ticket on 22nd Dec 2018 that from Milan to Interlaken 11:23 AM on 12th Feb for three people: Seonyeong Jeon, Hyoin Gong, Yoonjung Gong. 

I don't remember which email address I wrote on my bill, maybe it or 

If you need to check out my billing ticket number and send me a new email for ticket information, I would like to tell my credit card number again, and hopefully I want to get reply by email ' ". 


I think your website hasn't sent the ticket information (hopefully), so please send the ticket info again. 

I bought the tickets 45CHF per a person so I don't want to buy again with the raised price (it is now over 90 CHF per one person). 


so my conclusion for this request or my favor is that 

1) please find out and send me by email the ticket information which exactly the same price I bought. 
(or it is so okay with me that you gives a new ticket with no charge cause your company already took my bill)


2) please let me buy a new ticket which is same price and same date I bought : 12th Feb, 11: 23 AM, and get refund
(cause I already had a reservation for my hotel with non-refundable on Switzerland). 


3) make sure I can get refund ASAP


this is my first trip to Switzerland with my lovable friends and I want to make them experience with wonderful view and culture of your country so much, so I don't want to ruin my travel before it starts. 


Please let me know as soon as possible. 




Seonyeong Jeon