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Ticket prices will change closer to our trip?

New Member

Hello! I was checking some train ticket prices here, and I am wondering will the ticket prices become more expensive if I buy the tickets upon arrival in Switzerland? I mean, will a ticket from place A to place B be more expensive if I buy it when I arrive in Switzerland, than it is if I buy it now 3 weeks in advance?

And question number two, is the ticket price the same if I buy it on a train station upon arrival, or are ticket prices cheaper here on the Internet sight?

Thanks a lot for your kind help.

Re: Ticket prices will change closer to our trip?

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @Visitor 

The price of standard tickets for a trip in Switzerland does not vary from one day to the next. The price variation exists if you plan to buy Supersaver tickets or tickets for international travel.

The prices remain the same in a station ticket office as the online prices if they are standard tickets for a trip in Switzerland.

I hope that I have provided you with more information and wish you a nice day.