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Ticket price

New Author

I would like to buy a ticket from Sargans to Davos, their website shows 15.5 CHF, if I login to the page 31 CHF is the cheapest ticket, it is more than misleading.
When I planned the trip to Switzerland for a volunteer job, I was counting on the prices displayed, I don’t understand, low-cost airlines don’t engage in such unfair behavior either.

New Author

Dear Nicolas,

thank You for your answer!

It is unfair business practice to find out that a ticket is doubled before you buy. At the railway companies I know (DB, ÖBB, MÁV, ZSSK), one see the website/app the normal second-class ticket price, not e.g. the Bahncard price.

Thank  you, it’s not so nice Sunday because there will be an empty my pocket on Monday. 😞

All best,


Hi @Mate77 

Thank you for your answer but I think it's like that everywhere (see scan).


Yes, the ÖBB website, as opposed to SBB, has a clear overview of all version of ticket prices.

No user settings required, show default second-class price without special cards.

The featured sparsheine ticket can be purchased by anyone, no special card is required, which presumably is not for everyone as they do not spend months in Switzerland.





Hi @Mate77 

Thank you for your reaction.

On the website, the price is mentioned "From CHF 15.00". If you have a half-fare card, (or a Swiss Half Fare Card) that is the price you have to pay but without the discount card, the price is CHF 30.00 (See example).

Have a nice Sunday.