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Ticket cancellation

New Author

Order no 493474459  orderdate:11 July,2019
I purchsed 3 tickets (Z-Pass A Welle-ZVV Day Pass) for the ticket from Turgi to Schloss laufen am Rheinfall. But After that, I bought 3 RAILEUROPE(Swiss Travel Pass) 2nd class 3 days. I will use Swiss Travel Pass when I visit Schloss
Laufen am Rheinfall & other places during 27 Aug, 2019-29 Aug, 2019.
Accordingly, Z-Pass A Welle-ZVV Day Pass seems NO need.
If my understanding is correct, I'd like to cancel below ticket 1,2 & 3;
Order no493474459
passenger:Ticket 1:SEUNG EUN CHA, 
                  Ticket 2:SHIN JA KIM
                  Ticket 3:SEUNG MIN CHA
By chance, can you inform if Ineed Z pass A well-ZVV Day pass,
in spite that I bought Swiss Travel Pass?

i'm not sure if it is correct that I should write my message in this column.
If not, please let me know.
If possible, please email me(, as well.

Re: Ticket cancellation


Hello @CHA2 

Please fill in the online form for the request of refund and send also the order number of the Swiss Travel Passes:

I wish you a nice stay in Switzerland.

Kind regards.


Re: Ticket cancellation

New Author

To : GiorgiaB

Thanks for your quick reply.

I filled in refund form and sent.


Re: Ticket cancellation

New Author

Hi, Georgia B.

I got your refund amount with thanks.

Hawe a nice day!!

From Cha2 (Seungeun Cha)