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Ticket Refund

New Author

I bought 2 Three Day Saver Passes/Tickets for my disabled wife and I. On the first day of our travels we were informed at the station that all trains bound for Chur were canceled due to an accident on the tracks. No viable alternatives were available and I had to hire an UBER to get us to our destination. Am I entitled to a full refund?



We need to take a closer look at your case.

In principle, if the last train connection is missed, passengers should contact our staff (either directly on site if possible, otherwise by phone at Rail Service 0848 44 66 88).

If you are unable to reach your destination on the same day due to a cancellation or a delay, you are entitled to overnight accommodation (including breakfast) as well as transport from the station to the hotel and back. 

The maximum amount for an overnight stay including breakfast is CHF 200. If a taxi journey makes more sense, this will also be permitted up to a maximum sum of CHF 200. Compensation will only be paid out in exchange for original receipts. If you are affected, you must speak to the train crew or supervisory staff at the station. If you realise early that you will miss your last connection (the last connection may be in the early evening in some locations), you can also speak to staff at the station counter. They will help you to find a taxi or a hotel and can also give you a voucher, which you can then use for the hotel or the taxi. 

More infos about you can find here: help with refunds and compensation | SBB help & contact

Kind regards from Brig,


Commuter (silver)

Hello @Yidi 

From my view point, unfortunately, no.

Public transportation companies are obliged by law to take passengers to their destination (final destination on the ticket) on the same day – even if they have to change trains several times or take a diversion. However, The Swiss Federal Law on Public Transport contains no provisions with regard to compensation for missing flight connections, theatrical performances, concerts, examinations and the like, or for loss of working hours.

Likewise, SBB is exempt from liability if it can prove that the damage was caused by the fault of the person traveling or was due to circumstances that it could not avoid and the consequences of which it was unable to prevent (e.g. accident involving a person, severe weather, rockfall, strike, etc.).

I wondered why it was not possible to take an alternate route as there are mutiple possibilites to get to Chur?

You may try to request a partial refund of your ticket, but not a full refund since your ticket was valid for the entire day. If you will get a partial refund then it is an act of courtesy and not because SBB is obliged to do so, as I explained above.

Best regards,

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