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SwissPass - does it come in the mail?

New Author

I signed up for the SwissPass. Does the physical pass automatically get mailed to the address on file? If not, how would I order it? Also, I'm planning on buying a 1 month GA, however it asks for my Kunden Nr from my Swiss Pass. Unfortunately I do not yet have the card. The process seems a bit confusing. Any help would be much appreciated - thanks!


Hello @Nicole-Edelweis 

Thank you for your inquiry.

Yes, it usually comes by mail. Do you live in Switzerland?

Please call the SBB Contact Center (0848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min): if you are alraedy registerd correctly, there will be a customer number associated to your name as well, if not, our colleagues will be able to help ou sort the issue.

I wish you a nice day.

Kind regards


@EleonoraS Thanks for getting back to me. So I did call the SBB Contact Center and the gentleman who answered was a little vague - couldn't really help me out, tell me how to do anything I am currently not in CH, but will be there soon and was hoping to have everything waiting at home when I get there. Maybe my original question was not formulated correctly. We registered online with SwissPass and would now like to order a 1 month GA, however when I click to buy the GA, it asks for my Kundennummer, which I do not yet have. I then try the Swiss Identitätsprüfung, I do receive the initial code sent via SMS and it says it will send another SMS with the link to verify identity - however I never receive a 2nd SMS. All the while my SwissID is linked to my SwissPass. Is there an easier process?

Hi @Nicole-Edelweis

Since you've already called us and still haven't got a solution, my personal advice to you is: as soon as you're in Switzerland, maybe already at the airport, go to a counter with a passport photo of yours (a physical one or a digital one on your smartphone) and buy your GA Card for one month. 

The SBB staff at the counter will ask you for your Swisspass, you'll answer that you don't have one yet.
He or she will hand you a provisional GA Card on paper with your customer number on it, in order for you to be able to start travelling.

Your red SwissPass card will be sent to you by post just a few days later. 

This is always the easiest and quickest way.

Take a look here on the SwissPass photo requirements, because that's very important.

I wish you a good time in Switzerland. Have a nice day. EllenvS.