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Swiss pass and passport issue

I go to Switzerland next week.
But, Passport and Swiss pass names are different.
Passport 'Yoo', Swiss pass 'Yu'.
When I asked, I received a reply saying that I had no problem with my birthday.
However, there is no birthday in Swiss pass.
How would you check it out?πŸ˜₯
I wonder if I need to buy it again.
Want to be solved again because it is burdensome again😰
I want a quick answer.

Hello @Yoojieun

The first name, surname, passport number and country are noted on the Swiss Travel Pass.

If everything is correct except the name (Yu instead of Yoo), you can travel without any problems with this Swiss Travel Pass.

Kind regards,




Thank you for your prompt reply.
The first name, country, and passport number are identical, but surname is different.
The Swiss pass is said to be a 'Yu'. However, the passport is said to be a 'Yoo'.
Because it is a promotion ticket, it is said that there is no refund.
How should I solve it?
It's my mistake, but it's too expensive to buy the eight days ' ticket again😰

Hello @Yoojieun

As I said, if name, passportnumber and country is identical, you don't have to change the pass.


Kind regards,


So you mean the surname spellings are different, but the rest is okay?
(same first name, passport number, nation)


My friend did spelling mistake for my name "Nan" instead of "Nang" in given name when making booking for Swiss Travel Pass from But the rest of the name spellings and date of birth are correct. Strange that we are not required to provide passport number when we made booking. Can I still use this pass with different name spelling from my passport, just one letter? Please advise. Thank you. 

Hello @Ahom 

As long as it is only a typing error you can still travel with the according ticket, since you also have to show proof of identity at ticket inspection.

I wish you a nice day.


Thank you so much for your reply. Glad that I don't need to worry about that anymore.