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Saver Day Pass

New Member

Hi, I will be travelling with my family to Switzerland this July. There will be in total 5 of us with 2 adults (>26 years old), 2 young adults (<26 years old) and 1 child (<16 years old). We agree that we will be needing 2 days pass and agreed that 'Saver Day Pass' will be the best option as it is the cheapest. If we purchase Saver Day Pass, what is the best pass for the child? Can we purchase 2 days of '1 day travel pass' for him? In addition, is there any special discount for young adults on Saver Day Pass? Thank you.


Re: Saver Day Pass


Hello @Rachel_cheng

You have the following options for the child:
1-day travelpass for children. When accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket, children aged six to 16 years can travel 2nd class for CHF 16 for the whole day. The 1-day travelpass for children costs CHF 32 for 1st class.

Junior travelcard. With the Junior travelcard for CHF 30, children from the age of six up to their 16th birthday can travel on public transport for a whole year, accompanied by a parent with a valid ticket.

More information:

There is no discount for young adults for the Saver Day Pass. Please note that the Saver Day Passes are limited. (

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