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Saver Day Pass without Half Fare Card - Do non-public tranports still cost half price?



If I buy a Saver Day Pass without a Half fare card, would I need to pay full price or half price for "non-public" routes like Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Sheidegg, Kleine Sheidegg to Jungfraujoch, and Jungfraujoch to Gimelwald?  

The Area of Validity map has a * at the bottom that says this for the GA Area of Validity: "* Also 9 o’clock, one-day and monthly travelpass for the Half-Fare travelcard holders, municipal 1-day travelpass, Saver Day Pass and special 1-day travelpasses."  So I would assume the Saver Day Pass would be treated like the GA for what is listed in that entire box. 


Area of Validity map:

But it also says for the "half fare dotted line" ** Without GA travelcard or Half-Fare Card the 1⁄1 price applies..."  This wording is a little odd to me, but I think it's saying the full price applies for dotted line routes when not owning a GA or Half-fare card.  

Then, the online text below the Saver Day Pass states, "Half-Fare travelcard customers can buy tickets at a reduced price for journeys with numerous mountain railways and connecting trains. Customers without a Half-Fare travelcard will have to pay the full price for extension tickets."  I'm assumig these would be considered "extension tickets" but I'm not sure what the definition of that is.

So this all leads me to believe those routes are full price with a Saver Day Pass, but I wanted to confirm since the wording is a little funny and I was told by someone that they were included.






Hello @Kay

Thank you for your request.

Extension tickets are tickets for example for cable cars, ships or special trains like the one to the Jungfraujoch. 

If you do not have a Half-Fare travelcard, you must pay the full price for all routes listed with dotted lines. 

Kind regards,