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Reservation Seats online

New Author


I would like to ask something for enjoying SBB travel.

My wife and I will visit Switzerland since end of this month and I have Eurail-Pass for 2 countries (Germany and Swiss).

*With some reason, unfortunately, we purchased Eurail-Passes instead of Swiss Travel Cards. We intend to be first-class passengers.

At this case, I wonder how I can make reservation seats of SBB’s trains online.

After making registration, I tried to make seats reservation on site several time for reserving following 2 sectors, ‘Basel-Grindelwald’ in the morning on Aug. 30, and ‘Grindelwald-Brig’ in the morning on Sep. 1.

Always procedure seems to be going well, but when I tried to pay by my credit cards, the message ‘Payment failed’ appeared. Of course I tried to use several kinds of credit card (VISA, Diners Club, American Express, Master) but, anytime I tried, I could not make reservation completely at all.

I wonder why my procedure could not go well and I would like to know how I can make reservation seats for my travel.

Traveller (bronze)

There is a problem in general with using cc's to make some on-line purchases. I can only use my AMEX card (MC and Visa don't work)--I live in the USA

Also, on many trains one can't make a reservation; also, there are normally lots of seats open, so that reservations are normally NOT necessary.

For a few trains, Glacier Express (for example), reservations are required .


New Author
Thanks lots!
I understand some kinds of credit cards issued outside Switzerland don’t work on SBB website,  
and also usually it may be not necessary when take trains there. 
It is very useful for me so I appreciate so much.


Hello @KM

Thank you for your query.

We recommend that you use a different payment card or that you purchase your tickets at your nearest railway station ticket office.

We cannot determine the reason why your credit card was declined. It can happen that we reject credit card transactions for reasons of security. This action is primarily intended to protect the card holder.

If you received notice that your credit card was declined you must call your credit card company directly.

I wish you a nice day.