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Regional Pass or SBB Half-Fare Travelcard for Commute? Also, ticket purchasing for bus commutes?

New Author

Hello everyone,

I'm about to arrive in Switzerland for my studies! I am very excited to come back and stay for a much longer period this time around. For reference, I will be commuting and traveling mostly around Fribourg and Vaud. I also intend on using both tpf bus and rail. I also have, at best, basic tourist level French which I have arranged to improve with university language classes. (The program I'm pursuing is being taught entirely in English.)

I'm a bit torn as to what I should be getting: either a Frimobil yearly pass or an SBB half-fare travelcard. The Frimobil yearly pass would definitely make getting on and off the tpf rail and buses trivial, as I hear that I would need to buy tickets on either a kiosk on the bus stop or in the train station. That said, the SBB half-fare card does easily pay itself off and I can use it practically anywhere - and I will be going around the country whenever I'm free. It's also around two and a half times cheaper.

So I just wanna know - how troublesome is it to buy individual bus tickets prior to your journey? Would the convenience of the Frimobil pass be worth it? Or am I overthinking it and just getting the SBB demi-tarif would do fine?

Re: Regional Pass or SBB Half-Fare Travelcard for Commute? Also, ticket purchasing for bus commutes?


@Scott101 Hello! We look forward to welcoming you on bord with us 😊.

As you will also be using public transport in your free time and outside Fribourg, you will need a Half-Fare travelcard.

After just a few long-distance journeys, the price of the SwissPass Half-Fare travelcard will pay for itself. You will see. 

The question here is rather, if in your everyday life, considering a Frimobil travelcard will be the best option for you or if the purchase of individual tickets will save you some money.

Of course, this depends on how often you will travel, from where to where, whether you travel Go and Back on the same day, etc. 

As we need to know more about you, please take some time to call us so that we can advise you properly. 

You can reach us on 0848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.). We are 24/7 at your disposal. Best regards, EllenvS