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Coronavirus notice: Refund request
Please use our support pages for all questions regarding your ticket bookings.
The SBB Community is a public forum (customers help customers); please don’t post any personal data (names, e-mail, credit card numbers, ticket order no. etc.).

Questions about cancellation

New Member

My name is Euna Kim who have booked SBB.
This is my information of reservation.

1. 03.04.2019 Basel SBB-> Interaken Ost

Ticket ID : 457237971599(Kim Chunghun), 122697403689(Kim Euna)

2. 05.04.2019 SAVER DAY PASS

Ticket ID : 988704317839(Kim Chunhun), 691149944537(Kim Euna)

I really really wanted to go on a trip to Switzerland, but I couldn’t because of sudden pregnancy. In addition, my doctor does not recommend traveling abroad and taking a long flight. So I have to cancel my booking, and I aleady canceled my Flight to go to Switzerland from South Korea.

I have made a reservation as non-refundable option, but I ask if I can make a full or partial refund considering my situation. If you need the doctors’ certificate, I will send it also.

I hope you would agree with me and refunding shortly.
I would request your generous understanding for this concern.

Re: Questions about cancellation

Traveller (platinum)

Hi @AnotherD 

Thank you for your query.

Please note that the community is not the right canal to ask for a refund or exchange.

I suggest you to contact directly our Contact Center email (with your Doctor certificate):

Congratulation and hope to see you in Switzerland with your family soon.