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Purchasing a seat reservation and upgrade on the Glacier Express (G.E.)...

New Author

I purchased a 4 day Pass (2 Kl.) for my trip to Switzerland. On my return leg from Zermatt to Chur, I would like to take the Glacier Express. One can book their reservation and access to G.E. 2 months in advance, correct?

Could one use their 4 day Pass (2 Kl.) and purchase the upgraded ticket online, within the (granted) two month period provided for G.E. ticket purchases? Since the 4 day pass is downloaded onto a file, would it be possible to attach the file to a seat upgrade and reservation on the G.E.ticket... then. purchase the ticket?

I know seats will be booked well in advance for the G.E. during the time I plan to access it. I am attempting to come to a solution that would allow me to purchase my seat reservation and upgrade, well  in advance and online (or even by telephone, if possible). Please advise.



Hello @siacd57 

The booking time slot is possible as you said at the earliest 2 months in advance. As soon as the trip will take place soon, I recommend you to make the reservation directly online at Glacier Express Classic - Glacier Express. Thus, you will receive the tickets online via PDF and can grab them exactly 2 months in advance of their booking. Unfortunately, it is not possible to make the booking earlier.

Thank you for your understanding and have a nice day.

Kind regards, VlaznimA.