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Purchasing a half fare travelcard from abroad

New Author

Im flying to Zurich next week and I was thinking of buing  a half fare travelcard as Iam going to travel mainly by train.But since Im a tourist and I don't have a public transport card, I can't complete the purchase online as it requires to complete and send a form.

Can I only purchase it when I arrive at the airport in Zurich?Can I still buy tickets online offering discount with the half fare travelcard even if I don't have it right now but I will when I get there?Finally, do I need to bring a photo with me when I buy it?

Thanks in advance for you replies.


Commuter (silver)

Hi @angiep 

Which offer do you want to purchase?

Half-Fare travelcard


This season ticket is valid for 1 year and all routes on this map


If you don't have a customer number, please buy the travelcard at the railway counter.


Swiss Half Fare Card


This is an offer of the Swiss Travel System. The ticket is valid for 1 month on all routes on this map.

You can purchase the Swiss Half Fare Card online.



I hope that this information is useful for you and wish you a pleasant journey.

Kind regards

Thank you for your reply.I hadn't realised there were 2 options.So I guess as Iam a tourist I need to buy the half fare card which I can purchase online. and then I can buy all my other tickets online right?

If I buy a regular ticket, not a super-saver, for a particular time but then miss this train, can I take the next one right?Just want to be sure before purchasing online tickets.

Thanks again.

Hello @angiep 

That's right.

I wish you nice trips within Switzerland.

Kind regards,