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Name on Swiss pass in the wrong order

New Author


I have purchased a Swiss pass but I accidentally input the wrong name order.

In the Swiss pass it's written as "middle name - last name - first name". 

Spelling and everything else such as date of birth, etc. was input correctly and accordingly to my passport.

Can I still use this pass to travel or do I need to change it into the correct order?

New Author


Thank you for your reply.

so either change it at the counter or email it will both cost CHF30?

Is it possible to not change anything and use it as everything is spelled correctly but just in the wrong order?

Hello @Chanjira 

Thank you very much for your reply. 

It depends what product exactly you bought. 

If it is a Swiss Pass plastic card (SwissPass – the key to your mobility | SBB) then yes, we need to update the info and correct the names' order on it. 
Please either visit an SBB ticket counter with an ID or send as a copy of your ID via online form: Overview | SBB help & contact
The replacement will cost you CHF 30.00, because we will produce a new card. 

If you bought a Swiss Travel Pass (Swiss Travel Pass – the All-in-one-Ticket for Switzerland | SBB), then there is no need to worry: you can use it to travel.
Please inform our colleagues on the train when they control your pass, so that they know. 
If you wish, you can buy a new Swiss Travel Pass, for the same dates, with the correct names' order, and then call us (SBB Contact Center +41 848 44 66 88, CHF 0.08/min) to have the 'wrong' one refunded. Please note that this last option is only possible if the validity of the Swiss Travel Pass has not yet begun and only if you buy the same identical STP. 

Should you have any question, please call us: it is much easier to assist you 🙂

I wish you a nice day


Thank you so much for your reply.

Your answer is very clear and very helpful.

I really appreciate it.


Hello @Chanjira 

We offer you the following options for changing your name:

- Go to a railway counter, please take an official identification document (passport, ID, etc.) with you.
- Send us a copy of the official ID by e-mail (

Attention: A new Swisspass will be issued. This costs CHF 30.

Have a nice afternoon, StéphanieB