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Name in swiss pass e-ticket and passport are not the same.



I just bought a 15 days e-ticket but find that the name printed on the ticket (YANG PUI) are not match with my passport (YANG PUI WAI), while the Passport No. and Country info are match. Please help to solve the problem before I will use it in coming July. Thank you!


Hello GiorgiaB,

Many thanks for your confirmation, that helps a lot! 

Kind regards,

Pui Wai.

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Hello @PUIWAI 

The details displayed on the ticket must fundamentally correspond to the particulars of the person travelling on it. If you have made an error in the name or the date of birth, please contact your nearest manned SBB railway station before departure and present an official document (passport, ID card or driver license). Hand written alterations on an Online Ticket may only be carried out by SBB sales staff.

Search here for your desired station and its business hours:

I wish you a nice time in Switzerland.

Kind regards.


Hello GiorgiaB,

Thanks for your suggestion. Is my understanding correct that I can still use the e-ticket as long as I firstly take it to a nearby railway station for a manual alteration of the Name with my identity proof?


Cheers, Pui Wai

Hello @PUIWAI 

Yes you have correctly understand, you have to ask at the Train Station to Change manually the Name of your ticket, before starting your trips.

Kind regards.




I bought a Swiss half fare card but the given name was spelled wrongly with additional letter “e”. Correct name is Wen Lee, but I wrongly input as Wen Leee when bought it online. Can I still use the card? 

Appreciate your help! 

Thank you. 

Wen Lee

Hello @SWLig.

Thank you for your query. 

If the rest, like last name, country name and the passport or ID number are correct, it should be no problem to travel with it.

I wish you a lovely day.

Kind regards


Hello GiorgiaB,

Many thanks for your confirmation, that helps a lot! 

Kind regards,

Pui Wai.

I have a 15 day Swiss Travel Pass with correct last name and passport number but incorrect first name. Can I use this, or what do I do to fix it? I bought on line.

Traveller (platinum)

Hello @robertmoreen 


Thank you for your request.


If it is a minor spelling error, you can travel with this Swiss Travel Pass. If the first name is completely false, you need a new Swiss Travel Pass.


For the cancellation of the Swiss Travel Pass with the false first name, please contact my colleagues directly by e-mail at


I wish you a nice afternoon.

Best regards,