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Monthly ticket refund

New Author


I bought my monthly travel card on 9th March. On Friday 13 March I was notified that from now on we have to work from home, so I am not using the card anymore. On Saturday 14 March I went to the SBB counter and asked about the possibilities of partial refund etc. They told me they can't help me at the moment and I should come back end of this week. Today I asked again if there is any news. They told me that it is possible to get a partial refund within first 7 days of validity and after this not anymore (maybe they will change this but again, I have to come again next week and ask about it).

But excuse me?!! I was there on Saturday, which was day 6 of the validity of my monthly pass and they didn't want to refund anything. And today they could. So, I was there on time, told them my situation but nobody helped me in a proper way. This was not my mistake and I would like to be treated like I should be on Saturday, so get a partial refund of my ticket. Or any other compensation. Can you please help me and tell me who should I talk to?


Thank you for your answer.

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Hi @AnDo 

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@MarinaZ  I would be happy to receive an answer.