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Lost Luggage

New Member

Dear All,

I lost my luggage during my trip from Bern to Geneva on September 6th, 2022. 
I toke the train number IC1 from Bern 15:35 to Geneva 17:18
The train stops at 3 stations Fribourg, Lausanne and Geneva.
I put the luggage at the bicycle placing area inside the train compartment 11,12 or 13 between class one and class two.
I remember there is CCTV in the train.
I sent the photos of the luggage to SSB lost and found for references, the luggage was wrapped with transparent plastic coat with zipper.
The photos was taken the same day so when checking the CCTV SSB will find me wearing the same clothes pushing the luggage the same day that time with my wife to the train.
There is a flight tag in the handle of the luggage with “ZRH” code with Zhang xxx or Huang xxx on it.
We also reported the case to the police stations at Geneva 6th Rue de Berne the same day.
Your kind assistance is much appreciated as it gives a very bad impression for the tourist visiting Switzerland to lost luggages in the SSB domestic train trip.
We will share this case in our social blog and hopefully it could help us boost the awareness regarding the lost luggage issues in Switzerland and how it will be solved in the end.
Thanks for the help.