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Please use our help & contact area for all questions regarding your ticket bookings and for refunds.
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Is there another way to get a refund?

New Author

My family of 5 was visiting Switzerland from the US. We leaving we took the train from Interlaken to Salzburg. I had purchased the tickets through OBB. Just before arriving to Bern when presenting the tickets to the ticket lady I was able to show my purchased trip on the OBB app but she needed a QR code. Technical issues ensued and we couldn't get the QR codes to pull up. I tried calling OBB but was waiting on hold and we were coming into the station. The lady was very nice and helpful but she needed to scan something. So she told me should would sell me tickets for Interlaken to Zurich so she could scan those and then as soon as we got OBB to fix our issue we could call or email SBBs customer center and they would help me get a refund. She even put a note explaining the situation on the receipt so she would know. 15 minutes later we were on the train to Zurich, OBB had fixed my issue and I presented those QR codes for the rest of our trip including the train from Bern to Zurich. I called the contact center and it was agreed I should get a refund but they said the customer service dept would have to issue that and had me email everything to them with pictures of the OBB and SBB tickets. The customer service dept responded to my email with a refusal to refund. I called the contact center again thinking it would be easier over the phone and they again agreed I should receive a refund and asked that I email customer service back and instructed me on wording to help me (in all I talked to them 4 times with each agent agreeing I should be refunded). I did so and was refused again. The position of customer service was that the ticket was scanned and thus used and so no refund would be given. I responded that the ticket was only scanned at the moment of purchase on the one train so the Bern to Zurich segment should be refunded if not the whole ticket. All in all they refused over 3 email exchanges. I would let this go, but I paid twice the amount to SBB for the tickets to go two stations what I paid OBB for the whole trip. And I would not have purchased them had the SBB lady on the train not told me I could easily get a refund. I would have gone to their ticket office and waited until it was sorted out there in Bern. So, my question there a way to contact someone other than this one customer service lady to escalate my concern? To reach a manager or another dept?

New Author

Hello, Nicolas.  I appreciate the reply.  I am not looking to discuss the details of a refund on a public forum.  I was explaining my situation and seeking any method or avenue of contact with SBB other than the two contact suggestions you made which I have tried already.  The contact call center confirms a refund is due but cannot issue the refund and refers me to the contact form/email for the service dept.  They are denying my refund. So I now have the train agent and the call center confirming a refund is valid and the customer service email denying the same. I am just trying to escalate or discuss with another team/person that may be able to help resolve.  Thank you






Hi @mjwhillock 

Thank you for your request.

Sorry but on this communication channel, we can't help you. The SBB Community is a public forum, for data protection reasons, we do not have information about our customers' orders.

If you have further questions, please contact directly our hotline directly at +41 848 44 66 88 (CHF 0.08/min.) or from abroad at +41 51 225 78 00, my colleagues will inform you.
The customer service can be contacted by this form.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards